Sunday, August 19, 2007

Open call

What do all these blogs have in common:


  1. They all deal with Cocoa programming.
  2. They do not provide any way of contacting the author.
I think it shows respect to ask the author of a blog before adding them to the Planet, so I've asked everybody (well, except Google and Webkit - I hope they don't mind!). But, the above blogs do not have any means of feedback besides comments, and I think it's rude to ask in public.

So please, if you are the author of one of the above blogs and you want to have your blog added to Planet Cocoa, drop me an email. And, if you know one of the authors, ping them about Planet Cocoa!

By the way, I have bookmarked more blogs to add but I have to do some research beforehand, so be patient everyone. I'll be on vacation for the next weeks so I probably won't be able to respond to any emails.

UPDATE: I went ahead and added most of the above blogs. I figured that if it bothers the authors they can always send me a removal notice.

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